Biax Power Scrapers: Individual Replacement Inserts & Holders

Power scraper blade kits, scraper blades and inserts with holders will fit all power scraping models except Half-Moon Pattern Scraper HM10. The HM10 takes the #8/E kit as well as the separate blades listed here.

Individual Replacement Inserts and Holders

Replacement Scraper Inserts and Holders
Individual Replacement Inserts and Holders
Description Width Catalog Number
Scraper Blades
All-purpose indexable insert type made of solid carbide. Ideal for scraping most materials. 1" length. To be used with tool holders below pattern 3/4" 25/20
1" 25/25
1-1/4" 25/30
Scraper Blades
Indexable insert made of special HSS. To be used with holder, positive cutting angle, 1-1/4" length. Used to scrape softer wrought and cast steels. Use with 120M and 130M holders. 1" 30/25 HSS
1-5/8" 30/40 HSS
Tool Holder (for indexable insert-type blades)
Short (3"), stiff type   120M
Long (6")   130M
Long (6"), 1/2" offset for shoulders   130ME
Tool Holder Extension
For scraping of dovetails and hard-to-reach areas. Use with the long special elastic scraper blade series – 150, 6-3/4" long.   KL170

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