Videos from basic principles to advanced applications.

Dapra Professional Milling 101 Training Series

These are great quick sessions for understanding the basics of indexable milling total in well under 15 minutes overall. A great starter series for young people entering the field. Also great for Channel Partner sales who need to get up to speed quick with the terminology and tool types.

  • What is Milling
  • Terminology
  • Cutting Tool Types

Dapra Professional Series - 102 Training Series

Beyond the basics, this series goes into Tool Selection including characteristics and tool types and introduces 'Speed and Feed' and different Carbide configurations of inserts.

  • Tool Characteristics
  • Indexable Tool Types
  • Speeds and Feeds

Dapra Professional Series - 103 Training Series

This series takes a closer look at the insert edge, the differences and what edge to use when. This also flows into the parameters for milling, wrapping up this 3-Playlist course on the basics of indexable milling.

  • Tough Versus Hard
  • Edge Characteristics
  • Edge Selection
  • Parameters

Dapra offers a free series of training videos to help maximize your milling efficiency and productivity. Based on our popular in-person technical training classes, topics will include everything from basic principles to tool selection, optimization, advanced applications and troubleshooting.

The first nine sessions are available now in the embedded playlist below. Or, choose individual sessions from this list. Check back soon for additional sessions, or subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified as soon as a new video is available.

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