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High-Feed Milling

Ultra-aggressive geometry means much faster feed rates. Use either for a wide range of materials and applications.

Dapra High Feed Single Sided Inserts:  The ultra-aggressive geometry of our high-feed RHINO-FEED line takes advantage of chip thinning to allow much feed rates.

  • R2-8mm Mini-Feed Tools & Inserts
  • R3-10mm Mid-Feed Tools & Inserts
  • R4-12mm Heavy-Feed Tools & Inserts

Vapor High Feed Double Sided Inserts: VAPOR™ is created for lighter, faster cutting, ideal for new machine tool technology.

• A new double-sided series for lower cost per usable cutting edge
• Designed with a positive cutting edge and excellent ramping 
• Large insert screw for longevity and easy indexing.

Indexable Milling/High-Feed