Ball Nose Finishing Mills

Achieve superior surface finishes with our single-sided and EDGE² SBN double-sided Ball Nose series indexable finish mills, including back draft and flat bottom tools. This line is great for:

  • Close-tolerance, unattended contour finishing
  • Light roughing
  • Cavity/core roughing
  • Pocketing
  • Detail area roughing
  • Tip cutting
  • 3D profiling
  • Semi-finishing
  • Helical interpolation
Ball nose finishing mills

Your Choice: EDGE² SBN or Single-Sided:

  • Lower cost-per-edge with spherical, twin-edge inserts
  • Thick, strong insert for greater heat and stress absorption
  • Advanced geometry on new SBD back draft-style inserts provides outstanding finishes and the most accurate cutting
  • Not as suitable for lacing or undercutting (must keep cutting to bottom 180°)
  • Larger total cutting angle for outstanding versatility
  • Suitable for lacing and slight undercutting
  • Ideal for finishing and light semi-finishing
  • Huge cutter and insert variety

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