About Dapra Milling Solutions: Dapra Milling Solutions, a division of Dapra Corporation, has been providing high-quality milling solutions for over 65 years. With a focus on indexable milling and work holding, in combination with high-level applications expertise, Dapra Milling provides trusted solutions that deliver quality, productivity, and performance that can be counted on day after day.

About Dapra Corporation: Dapra Corporation is a U.S.-based multi-generation family-owned provider of high-quality engineered solutions for various manufacturing environments. From milling solutions to permanent part marking equipment Dapra continues to develop and invest in solutions to empower the success of manufacturers across North America..


Dapra Marking Systems: A separate division offers a full line of standard and custom-engineered, permanent direct part marking solutions, including dot peen, laser, electrochemical technologies and Data Matrix reading and verification, for the aerospace, automotive, defense, general metalworking and fabrication, medical and plastics industries. These systems can mark alphanumeric text, symbols, logos and 2D symbols on almost any material from plastics to hardened steels. Solutions are offered as standalone benchtop workstations, portable/hand-held systems or integrator units for semi or full production lines.

We are committed to identifying, understanding and meeting current and future end-user requirements with products and service of superior performance and value. 
    • Developing and maintaining partnerships with suppliers and distributors who share our commitment;
    • Pursuing continuous improvement in everything we do, using input from every resource available to us;
    • Taking pride in honoring every commitment we make by performing each task right the first time and on-time with accountability, responsibility, honesty and integrity;
    • Productive use of our human and financial resources;
    • respect for the time and the views of others;
    • Using effective listening, written and oral communications skills;
    • Learning and growing as individuals and members of the Dapra team.
Dapra's headquarters in Bloomfield, CT

    Brief Company History Timeline

1955 Rudi Wetzel forms Wetzel Tool Corporation, an industrial machine tool accessory distributor, selling Biax Scrapers, cutting tools and related products. With a secretary and two salesmen based in East Hartford, Connecticut, Wetzel Tool Corporation distributes its products throughout New England.

1958 With the birth of his first grandson, David L. Pratt, Jr., Rudi Wetzel establishes DAPRA Corporation. (Hence the name DAPRA). Wetzel Tool Corporation now becomes the Northeast distributor for DAPRA, selling its own high-quality cutting tools and workholding equipment nationally.

1983 Wetzel Tool Corporation adds dot peen marking equipment to its product line and becomes a division of DAPRA Corporation.

1984 Upon the death of Rudi Wetzel, his daughter, Marie-Louise Pratt, assumes ownership of both Wetzel Tool and DAPRA Corporation.

1996 Wetzl Tool is officially renamed DAPRA Marking Systems.

2005 DAPRA celebrates its 50th anniversary as a leading supplier of superior-quality cutting tools, part marking solutions, and workholding and rotary positioning products. DAPRA's products are sold through distribution in North America, with sales and applications support personnel located throughout the United States. Both domestic and international support are provided by DAPRA's home office in Bloomfield, Connecticut.

2015 DAPRA is 60! As part of DAPRA's commitment to continuously improving and expanding its product lines to meet customers' more demanding performance requirements, the company introduced their EDGE²® line of roughing and finishing systems. The DTB Roughing Series features double-sided inserts for twice the metal removal. The SBN Finishing Series provides industry's first truly indexable finishing inserts!

The DAPRA division specializes in high-performance indexable carbide milling tools and inserts for a broad range of operations, including contouring, facing, slotting and ramping, offering maximum value in difficult metalworking applications. DAPRA also imports workholding and positioning equipment from Europe. Examples include Servopress Indexing Tables, Arnold Machine Vises (including HydraVise™), Allmatic Precision Vises, Tombstone Fixtures and Biax Power Scrapers.

The DAPRA Marking Systems division sells a full range of programmable dot peen (dot matrix) Marking Machines for permanent direct part marking. Developed for the aerospace industry, these systems can mark alpha-numeric text, symbols and logos on almost any material from plastic to hardened steels. These units are offered as standard, off-the-shelf machines, or they can be provided as custom-engineered, turnkey systems and fully integrated solutions. DAPRA Marking Systems also offers self-contained fiber laser marking systems.