Our universal hand scraper provides a cost-effective alternative to power scraping.

Catalog No.: BB20016

Scraper Dimensions: 15.5" x 1"

This scraper is for use with all Biax scraper blades and includes an adapter for use with replacement inserts. Use it with the blades and inserts listed below.

Universal hand scraper and adapter

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Universal hand scraper blades

Individual Scraper Blades

Blades suitable for use with hand scraper.

Description: Width: Catalog No.:
3-1/2" Scraper Blades
Carbide-tipped, reversible, standard stiff type, regular length (3-1/2"), all-purpose 5/8" 15
3/4" 20
1" 25
1-1/4" 30
6" Scraper Blades
Carbide-tipped, reversible, special elastic type, long length (6"), for smooth semifinishing and finishing 3/8" 10-150
5/8" 15-150
3/4" 20-150
1" 25-150
1-1/4" 30-150
* Special HSS Blade for steel scraping 3/4" 20-150ST

Universal hand scraper adapter for replacement inserts

Individual Scraper Inserts

Inserts suitable for use with hand scraper and adapter.

Description: Width: Catalog No.:
Solid Carbide Scraper Blades
All-purpose indexable insert type made of solid carbide. Ideal for scraping most materials. 1" length. To be used with tool holders below pattern. 3/4" 25/20
1" 25/25
1-1/4" 25/30
HSS Scraper Blades
Indexable insert made of special HSS. To be used with holder, positive cutting angle, 1-1/4" length. Used to scrape softer wrought and cast steels. Use with 120M and 130M holders. 1" 30/25 HSS
1-5/8" 30/40 HSS