Comprehensive Workholding Suite

Dapra offers Allmatic custom configured and assembled high-pressure vises.  These are designed for conventional milling machines to complex workholding.

Put the world's best workholding tools on the job. With our premium vise and tombstone systems, we hold any job just right. When you need preset holding sensitivity, close-tolerance part location or intensified holding power, only the best vise will do it all.

Quick Search Grid Guide

Vise Station Self Center 5 Axis Tombstone Compatible High Pressure High Volume Production Raw Part Clamping Pull-down Clamping Compatible Jaws
Duo 090 Dual o o o
Duo 125 Dual o o o o
Centro-Gripp Single o o o o
NC8-125L Single o o o o
NC8-125M Single o o o o
NC8-160 Single o o o o
NC8-200 Single o o o o
NC8-200HD Single o o o o
NC8-90 Single o o o o
Telecentric Single o o o
Titan 2K Single o o o o o o o
Titan 2L Single o o o o o o
Titan 2M Single o o o o o o
Titan SC Single o o o o o
Titan 2-160 Single o o o o o o
T-Rex Single o o o

Gripp Series 




Titan 2K

Titan 2M 

Titan 2L 

Titan SC

Titan 160 

NC8 Series 

NC8-90 Mechanical

NC8-125M Mechanical

NC8-125L Mechanical

NC8-160 Mechanical

NC8-200 Mechanical
NC8-200HD Mechanical

Duo Series 

Duo 90 (NC Series) 

Duo 125 (Gripp Series)

Tombstone Options

Tombstones for Horizontal Machining

Tombstones for Horizontal Machining

Multiple clamping system for horizontal machining.

  • Available as single or duo version, in jaw widths of 3.5" (90mm) or 5" (125mm)
  • 2 to 8 clamping stations
  • Enclosed, maintenance-free, high-force spindle
  • Mechanical force intensifier
  • Hardened workpiece support
  • Maximum clamping force of 9,000 lbf (40 kN) and clamping width of 12.3" (313mm)