Gripp Force 5™ Machine Tool Vise for General-Purpose & 5-Axis Machining

Gripp Force 5 workholding machine tool vise for general-purpose and 5-axis machining

One workholding system, two sizes, 3 tons of clamping – for all common and 5-axis machining applications.

Gripp Force 5 machine tool vises are designed to adapt to your production workholding requirements for either general-purpose or dedicated applications.

Gripp Force 5's modular design provides maximum flexibility for your specific needs, with multiple jaw sets, risers, workpiece stops, and other accessories to choose from. A variety of mounting options are available, including popular zero point systems.

  • 3-ton clamping force
  • 5-axis focus with multipurpose flexibility
  • Raw part clamping capable
  • Zero point compatibility
  • Smooth jaws for machined parts and gripp jaws for raw material clamping
  • Stout, robust, versatile design
Modular machine tool vise for 5-axis machining and general-purpose applications

Configure your Gripp Force 5 Machine Tool Vise with simple part numbering

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