Precision Vises, Machine Vises.

Investing in high-quality machine and cutting tools can only have maximum impact on productivity when your workholding is rigid, repeatable, and reliable. That is why Dapra has partnered with the world’s highest-quality manufacturers of high-pressure vises and clamping: Allmatic (Germany).

These vises provide outstanding solutions for a variety of applications, from general machining and production machining to 5-axis milling. Most available models provide much higher clamping pressure than standard screw-type vises. They won’t wear out due to repeated use, and they won’t allow contamination due to coolants, chips, or dust.

The pressure is created through the use of mechanical or hydraulic intensification within the vise spindle, allowing either maximum or precisely controlled pressure to be applied – regardless of the size or strength of the operator. Dapra’s workholding solutions are truly a strong link in the chain of machining excellence.

Arnold High-Pressure Machine Vises

High clamping force, outstanding accuracy and large jaw capacity. Combination of a close-tolerance vise with heavy-duty, rugged design and the highest quality materials. Truly dependable vises suitable for milling, grinding, drilling, toolroom and production work and many other uses.

Clamping pressure can be almost effortlessly applied, achieving up to 18,000 lbs. of clamping force. New 5-axis models are industry leaders for part accessibility and clamping repeatability. The Arnold line of vises has the solution for most any workholding challenge.

Allmatic Precision Vises

Allmatic Precision Vises

Preset holding sensitivity, close-tolerance part location and intensified holding power, all in one vise. Part repeatability within .0002". Holding pressures are repeatable and can be preset from 0 to more than 12,000 lbs.

Available with adjustable gripper studs embedded into the workpiece, ensuring safe and quick clamping of raw parts, thermal cut parts and sawn off material.