Power scraper blade kits, scraper blades and inserts with holders will fit all power scraping models except Half-Moon Pattern Scraper HM10. The HM10 takes the #8/E kit as well as the separate blades listed below.

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Scraper Blade Kits:


Our most popular set includes general scraping blades, inserts and insert holders. For Models 7ELM, BL10 and 7ESM. Contents: #15, 20, 25, 30 blades; #25/20, 25/25, 25/30 indexable carbide inserts; #30/40 HSS indexing inserts; #120M, 130M insert holders; control gauge.

Catalog No: BB08000


Long, flexible blades give a soft feel and are most suitable for semi-finish and finish work. This set greatly enhances all scraper models when semi-finish and finish scraping is desired. For Models 7ELM, BL10 and 7ESM. Contents: #10-150, 15-150, 20-150, 25-150, 30-150 carbide-tipped blades; 20-150ST steel scraping blades; control gauge.

Catalog No: BB08004


This kit contains the proper blades for dovetail and hard-to-reach area scraping in horizontal and vertical positions. A perfect addition to the all-purpose blade kit. For Models 7ELM, BL10 and 7ESM. Contents: #30/25 HSS, 25/25, and #25/20 (qty 2) carbide inserts; KL170 blade extension for use on hard-to-reach areas, used with long finish blades.

Catalog No: BB08007

BLADE KIT, Assortment #8/E

This kit is used only for half-moon pattern scraping with Model HM10 and is the perfect complementary kit for this model. Contents: #R60, R90, R120, R150, KL70, KL140; control gauge.

Catalog No: BB00008

Replacement Blades:

Replacement Blades for Half-Moon Pattern Scraper Model HM10

Replacement blades for half-moon scraping
Description: Radius: Catalog No.:
Half-Moon Pattern Scraper Blades (for holders)
Small pattern 2-3/8" R60
Standard pattern 3-5/8" R90
Large pattern 4-3/4" R120
Extra-large pattern 6" R150
Tool Holders (for half-moon pattern scraper blades, Series R60-R150)
Short holder 3" KL70
Long holder 6" KL140
Half-Moon Pattern Carbide Scraper Blades
Small pattern 2-3/8" R60KL
Standard pattern 3-5/8" R90KL
Large pattern 4-3/4" R120KL
Extra-large pattern 6" R150KL

Individual Replacement Scraper Blades

For Models 7ELM, BL10 and 7ESM. 3-1/2" and 6" blades are suitable for use with universal hand scraper Model BB20016.

Individual Replacement Scraper Blades
Description: Width: Catalog No.:
3-1/2" Scraper Blades
Carbide-tipped, reversible, standard stiff type, regular length (3-1/2"), all-purpose. 5/8" 15
3/4" 20
1" 25
1-1/4" 30
6" Scraper Blades
Carbide-tipped, reversible, special elastic type, long length (6"), for smooth semifinishing and finishing. 3/8" 10-150
5/8" 15-150
3/4" 20-150
1" 25-150
1-1/4" 30-150
* Special HSS Blade for steel scraping 3/4" 20-150ST
Tight-Radius Scraper Blades for Point Scraping and Scraper Technique 40
Carbide-tipped, short type, 40mm radius 3/4" 20-R40
Carbide-tipped, long type, 20mm radius 5/8" 15-150-R20
Reversible, Special 90° Twisted Stiff-Type Scraper Blades
Carbide-tipped, reversible, special 90° twisted stiff type, long length (6"), for dovetail work and hard-to-reach areas 1-1/4" 30T

Individual Replacement Inserts & Holders:

For Models 7ELM, BL10 and 7ESM or universal hand scraper Model BB20016.

Individual Power Scraper Replacement Inserts and Holders
Description: Width: Catalog No.:
Solid Carbide Scraper Blades
All-purpose indexable insert type made of solid carbide. Ideal for scraping most materials. 1" length. To be used with tool holders below or universal hand scraper Model BB20016. 3/4" 25/20
1" 25/25
1-1/4" 25/30
HSS Scraper Blades
Indexable insert made of special HSS. To be used with holder, positive cutting angle, 1-1/4" length. Used to scrape softer wrought and cast steels. Use with 120M and 130M holders or universal hand scraper Model BB20016. 1" 30/25 HSS
1-5/8" 30/40 HSS
Tool Holder (for Indexable Insert-Type Blades)
Short (3"), stiff type   120M
Long (6")   130M
Tool Holder Extension
For scraping of dovetails and hard-to-reach areas. Use with the long special elastic scraper blade series – 150, 6-3/4" long.   KL170