Chamfer milling application considerations and tooling

Dapra offers 30- and 45-degree chamfer mills in our Square Shoulder utility cutters. If an open 45-degree chamfer is all that is needed, our Toroid cutters, loaded with octagonal inserts, are the most economical choice. These applications typically involve:

  • 30° or 45° chamfers
  • Light chamfer for deburring
  • Heavy chamfer for welding

If you have questions about the best tool choice and parameters for your application, please contact us!

Recommended Tooling for Chamfer Milling:

APET/XPET single-sided square shoulder

APET/XPET Single-Sided Square Shoulder Mills

  • Aggressive cutting with the strongest inserts and enhanced clearance
  • Geometries and grades for all materials, including nonferrous
  • 3 insert sizes (10mm, 12mm, 16mm)
  • End mills for small chamfering
  • Shell mills for larger parts or chamfer sizes
  • 30° and 45° angles available
Single-sided Toroid face mills

Single-Sided Toroid Cutters – Octagon

  • 45° chamfer only
  • Geometries and grades for all materials, including nonferrous
  • Good edge economy with 8 usable indexes
  • 3 insert sizes (1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4")

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