90° Square Shoulder Precision Milling Series

For extreme metal removal with single-sided APET/XPET inserts.

  • Square Shoulder milling tools cut to a true 90 degrees, generating smoother finishes
  • Positive axial and radial insert geometry, providing maximum metal removal capabilities with minimum horsepower consumption
  • Broad selection of insert radii for varying corner requirements
  • Cutters available with thru-coolant capabilities for optimum chip evacuation and cutting zone temperature control
  • Great for ramping, slotting, profiling, pocketing, step milling, face milling, shoulder milling and helical interpolation
  • Double-sided EDGE² DSS series cutters and inserts are also available
90-degree square shoulder milling

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  1. Precision cutter and insert combination provides longer tool life
  2. Long-reach tools available with Carbide Core for enhanced rigidity and reduced deflection
  3. Deep gullets provide efficient chip evacuation, even on the heaviest cuts
  4. Cutter bodies machined from hardened steel to minimize runout and create excellent surface finishes at high feed rates
  5. Nickel plating provides a harder casing for improved pocket durability and resistance to chip galling
  6. APET/XPET inserts offered in both pressed and lapped versions for a combination of economy and performance

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