FresmakArnold Twin Oleo-dynamic Machine Vises

Arnold Twin Oleo-dynamic Machine Vises


Manual With presetting Automatic
Hydraulic   Oleo-Dynamic


Possibility of working with machined soft jaws according to the shape of the work piece.

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- Base body
- Oleodynamic spindle
- 1 rotary connection
- 1 set of jaw
· 2 x side jaws
· 1 central jaw I (stepped)
· 1 central jaw II (block)
- 1 handle
- 4 end clamps
- Service manual.

High pressure ARNOLD TWIN vises are capable of clamping two pieces simultaneously.

- Accuracy of 0.01 mm in clamping repeatability.

- Suitable for working in horizontal and vertical machining centers.

- Grinding of all surfaces with a parallelism and perpendicularity of 0.02 mm.

- Possible working positions: supported on the base, on the side or on the head vertically.

- Side windows for quick cleaning of the inside of the vises.

- Clamping force is 25/50 kN, depending on the size.

- Designed to automate processes and robotize them.

- Fitted with a high pressure single acting oleo-dynamic spindle with spring push-back effect.

- Rotary connection at the inlet and the outlet for oil.

- Automatic stroke for closing and opening 4 mm.

- Adjustable clamping force directly proportional to the oil pressure input (see manual).


- Hydraulic unit or single acting 500 bar pneumo-hydraulic pump with vise unit connection hose, pressure control switch, safety valve integrated into the unit and ON-OFF switch.

- Pressure gauge.


Two workpieces can be clamped at the same time, with a difference in size of 3 mm between them or just one workpiece.

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