FresmakArnold SC 5X Machine Vises

Arnold SC 5X Machine Vises - size 125Arnold SC 5X Machine Vises - size 090


- Base body
- Mechanical spindle without high pressure
- 1 set of high jaws
- 1 set of plain jaws
- 1 socket wrench
- 4 end clamps
- Service manual

ARNOLD SC vises are compact, high and self-centering and maintain constant length.

- Accuracy of 0.01 mm in clamping repeatability.

- Accuracy 0.02 mm in centering.

- Designed to work on machining centers with small tables, as well as, within 5 controlled axes machining centers.

- Compact design with exterior guides that avoid deformation as the clamping force is distributed throughout the width.

- Steel components.

- Concealed vise: Totally closed to prevent chips from getting in.

- Threaded right-left spindle which can be operated with a standard key.

- Clamping force ranging from 10 to 35 kN, depending on the model.

- Interchangeable jaws can reach a height of 125 mm, which means they can overcome the biggest obstacle for this type of work by avoiding collisions with the machine spindle or the rotation of the table.

- All standard jaws are may be used by adding soft jaws first.

- Suitable for clamping round workpieces.

- Base plate available for raising the vise.

- Equipped with a mechanical spindle without high pressure.

- Supplied with high jaws specially designed for 5X machines, which avoid collisions of the spindle and allow for short tools to be used.

- Grease points allow for the vise to always be in optimal conditions for use.


Possibility of working with machined soft jaws according to the shape of the workpiece.

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