DAPRA Launches New Mobile Website, DapraMobile.com

Dapra MobileDapra Corporation has announced the launch of DapraMobile.com, a valuable new mobile website. Accessible from any web-enabled smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device, the site connects customers with convenient information about Dapra’s extensive line of high-performance cutting tools, and presents it in an easy-to-use, responsive format. Though designed for mobile use, DapraMobile.com also adapts to larger desktop displays.

DapraMobile.com provides users with full product specifications for Dapra’s full line of cutting tools and inserts, including tool dimensions, information about available insert coatings and grades, recommended cutting speeds, and more. The site also features several speed & feed calculators, which keep critical milling data within easy reach. Should problems arise on the job, a troubleshooting guide provides solutions to several common milling issues.

Dapra’s cutters and inserts are made in the USA.

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