New RHINO-CARB 'Neutral' Pressed Insert Cutting Edge Provides Smoother Cutting Action, Produces Less Heat and Pressure

RHINO-CARB Pressed Inserts

Dapra has expanded its popular Toroid RHINO-CARB™ CNC-pressed insert line with a new cutting edge geometry. Available for round and octagonal inserts, the new Neutral ("N") cutting edge provides smoother cutting action for steels, irons and many stainless steels when compared to Dapra’s stronger T-Land insert edge. Neutral inserts offer a higher-positive edge preparation and rake angle than their T-Land counterparts, providing excellent cutting action that creates less heat and pressure while also offering greater strength than the very high-positive Dished cutting edge.

Dapra now offers a trio of RHINO-CARB cutting edge options. T-Land ("T") inserts feature the strongest cutting edge and should be used where the heaviest cuts are taken, or where vibration or chatter may be causing edge damage. This geometry is suitable for steels, irons and 400-series stainless. The new Neutral ("N") geometry is intended for typical cutting applications where high-performance milling of steels, irons and 400-series stainless is desired. Dished ("D") inserts are suitable for applications where the lowest tool pressure and higher shear are required. This geometry is best for most stainless steels and high-temperature alloys, but it is also a very free-cutting performer in softer steels.

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