New High-Feed Inserts Enhance Roughing Capabilities for Small-Diameter Applications

High-Feed Inserts

Dapra has introduced a new series of High-Feed inserts that are ideal for smaller-diameter applications. The HFBD Series Inserts are designed for outstanding metal removal rates when used with Dapra's BNEM Cutter Bodies for high-feed roughing, pocketing, cavity/core roughing and helical interpolation.

Available in 3/8" through 3/4" diameters, these versatile cutters are furnished in medium-temperature and high-temperature grades. A further advantage of the HFBD Inserts is their eligibility for Dapra's Ball Nose Replacement Program, through which the buyer can receive FREE and Discounted replacement Ball Nose Cutters for every 30 Inserts purchased.

In addition to the new Inserts, Dapra has recently announced the availability of 3/4" and 1" Solid Carbide Ball Nose Cutter Bodies. For complete technical data and ordering instructions on these new additions to our product line, visit our Ball Nose/Back Draft section, or contact Dapra Corporation by calling (800) 243-3344, faxing (860) 242-3017, or emailing

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