Indexing Tables with hirth couplings

Servopress Automatic Indexing Tables

Servopress Indexing Tables offer superior indexing accuracy and repeatability, extremely rapid index times for high-production applications and precise locking with Hirth or Ball couplings. Drives are available in electric, pneumatic, hydraulic or combination. The potential applications for Servopress tables are endless. Tables may be utilized in environments ranging from assembly to machining; from computer assembly, to printing, to special machinery builders. They are also great for square block grinding.

View a video demonstrating square block grinding with a Servopress indexing table.

Design Features of Servopress Indexing Tables

The most unique feature of the Servopress design is the ability to assemble a table that is tailored to the customer's specific application. Among the many design options that these tables offer are:

Other optional Servopress features include:

Dapra can also quote complete "Turnkey" systems.

4" and 8" automatic indexing tables

Two Basic Models:
Horizontal, Horizontal/Vertical (with plate)
Four Types:
Pneumatic, Pneumatic-hydraulic, Electro-pneumo-hydraulic, Electro-hydraulic
Index Drive:
Change of Index:
1. Fixed "F" Model – Change index pin (about 2 minutes)
2. Variable "V" Model – "Dial in" index wanted (about 5 seconds)
3. Automatic Change – Command from NC machine or indexer control
Accuracy Classes:
±24 seconds (±60 for RST1) standard
±12, ±6, ±3 or ±1 on request
Cycle Time:
Very short, below or near 1 second

For most shop and production applications, the pneumo-hydraulic models will be sufficient. They are easy to install, easy to interlock to outside commands, and are the most economical models. A compressed air outlet (60-120 PSI) is all that is needed for hook up. If loads, cutting pressures and forces become too great, a hydraulic model should be considered. These models can either be connected directly to the machine tool's hydraulic supply or can be supplied with their own independent power supply. Please contact DAPRA for assistance in selecting the indexing table that will be most appropriate for your application and budget.


There are many options available to customize the table for your application, including: angle bases for vertical applications; special seals to keep contaminants from entering the table; position interlock return signals; pneumatic tail stocks; chucks; and more. Please contact DAPRA for a solution that is customized for your particular needs.