FresmakArnold Twin Hydraulic Machine Vises

Arnold Twin Hydraulic Machine Vises


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Hydraulic   Oleo-Dynamic


Two workpieces can be clamped at the same time, with a difference in size of 3mm. between them or just one workpiece.

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- Base body
- Hydraulic spindle
- 1 set of hard jaws
· 2 x side jaws
· 1 central jaw I (stepped)
· 1 central jaw II (block)
- 1 handle
- 4 end clamps
- Instruction manual

High pressure ARNOLD TWIN vises are capable of clamping two pieces simultaneously.

- Accuracy of 0.01 mm in clamping repeatability.

- Suitable for working in horizontal and vertical machining centers.

- Grinding of all surfaces with a parallelism and perpendicularity of 0.02 mm.

- Possible working positions: supported on the base, on the side or on the head vertically.

- Side windows for quick cleaning of the inside of the vises.

- Clamping force is 25/50 kN, depending on the size.


- Possibility of working with machined soft jaws according to the shape of the workpiece.

- Fitted with a high pressure hydraulic intensifier which does not require any external supply.

- Angle driver for handle clearance upon request.

- 6 different clamping types, interchanging the position of standard jaws: either by rotating the side jaws and fitting the stepped jaw in the middle, or by fitting any of the central jaws on the side closest to the handle.

- To clamp a single workpiece, place it in Station II.


Function which permits one workpiece to be clamped first, then the other, enabling it to be fitted in the vertical position.

3rd Hand Operation: Turn the handle; then bring the Moveable Jaw I towards the workpiece situated in Station I until it is clamped.

Maintaining the turn, bring Moveable Jaw II towards the workpiece situated in Station II until it is clamped.

Continuing with the turn, jumpstart the intensifier and start to clamp with high pressure.

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