FresmakArnold Classic/Hydravise Hydraulic Machine Vises

Arnold Classic/Hydravise Hydraulic Machine Vises


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Arnold Classic Hydraulic Machine Vise Options


Possibility of working with machined soft jaws according to the shape of the work piece.

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- Base body
- Hydraulic spindle
- 1 set of plain jaws
- 1 handle
- Straight vise: + 4 end clamps.
- In 2 parts: + 8 end clamps
- Service manual

High pressure ARNOLD Classic/Hydravise vises achieve a clamping force of up to 80 kN.

- Accuracy of 0.01 mm in clamping repeatability.

- Monoblock design avoids deformations due to high pressure and offers great rigidity and robustness.

- The force applied by the high pressure spindle is transmitted to the workpiece right in the center of the clamping jaw.

- Large opening up to 375 mm and 845 mm if the body is in two parts.

- Clamping force is 25/40/50/80 kN, depending on the model.

- ARNOLD CLASSIC spindles can be used independently from the vise as a power clamping element in a workholding set up.

- Fitted with a high pressure hydraulic intensifier which does not require any external supply.

- Power regulator optional.

- Two part straight vise option available.



Clamping to the machine table can be achieved through the holes and the slots on the side of the vise.
It can be supplied with a rotary base.


Its narrowness makes it easy for it to be placed jointly parallel to another vise, thereby allowing for a large clamping unit for large workpieces.

Two part straight

Ideal for large workpieces.

It clamps the workpieces on top of the guides or on top of the table.

An inner tie-rod joins both parts of the vise.

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