AllmaticAllmatic GRIPP - T-REX Mechanical Vises

Allmatic GRIPP - T-REX Mechanical Vises

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  • 1 high-pressure vice without jaws
  • 4 fastening bolts M12 x 35 mm
  • 3 socket screw wrenches
  • (Please order clamping jaws separately)

This compact vice sinks the sharp "teeth" of its gripper jaws into your workpiece

  • Adjustable gripper studs are embedded into the workpiece, ensuring safe and quick clamping of raw parts, thermal cut parts and sawn off material
  • Movable pivot jaw accommodates different workpiece shapes
  • Suitable for materials with strength value of approximately 900 N/mm2, with the exception of hardened materials
  • Top and bottom sides are ground
  • The spindle is entirely enclosed and nitrated, ensuring high reliability – protecting against contaminants and chips, minimizing cleaning time
  • Easy to operate with mechanical power intensifier
  • Accurate aligning slots and positioning hole on the bottom side

Suitable Applications:

  • Horizontal installation – suitable for vertical CNC-controlled milling machines
  • Ideal for use on 5-axis machining centers
  • Reliable and fast clamping of unmachined parts, flame-cut and sawn materials with gripper jaws
  • Clamping of parallel pre-machined workpieces with optional step jaws
  • Suitable for materials with a strength of up to approx. 1000N/mm²

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Technical Specifications:

Type T-REX 125
Max. torque (Nm) 30
Max. clamping force (kN) 40
Weight (kg) 18

Dimensions/tolerances (mm)

  b c f i k l n t x y
T-REX 125 154 100 21 120 ø  30 H8 256 20 H7 ø 13 127 200
Allmatic GRIPP - T-REX Mechanical Vises Technical Specifications