90-degree shoulder milling and 2D profiling application considerations and tooling

Dapra's single- and double-sided Square Shoulder lines are our go-to for 90-degree shoulder milling. Our RHINO-FEED™ high-feed mills are also a solid choice for 2D profiling. Applications include:

  • 2D profile milling
  • Step milling
  • Face milling against a straight wall
  • Hole interpolation/helixing
  • Slotting

If you have questions about the best tool choice and parameters for your application, please contact us.

Recommended Tooling for Shoulder Milling:

EDGE² DSS double-sided square shoulder

EDGE² DSS Double-Sided Square Shoulder Mills

  • Double-sided inserts for lower cost per cutting edge
  • General-purpose operating parameters
  • Great for finishing work
  • Suitable for all materials except nonferrous
  • Replacement program for cutter bodies
  • Single insert size (12mm)
APET/XPET single-sided square shoulder

APET/XPET Single-Sided Square Shoulder Mills

  • Aggressive cutting with the strongest inserts and enhanced clearance
  • Excellent ramping capability
  • Geometries and grades for all materials, including nonferrous
  • Roughing focused, but good floor-finishing capabilities
  • 3 insert sizes (10mm, 12mm, 16mm)
RHINO-FEED high-feed milling series

RHINO-FEED™ High-Feed Milling Series

  • Ultra-fast feed rates at light depth of cut
  • Productive for light-duty / lower HP machines
  • Long tool life
  • Axial tool pressure - very stable, even in long-reach applications
  • Z-level rough or constant ramp profile
  • Will leave rougher wall finish
  • Will leave corner radius/angle at blind pocket floor-wall intersection
  • Suitable for all materials except nonferrous

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