Open face milling application considerations and tooling

When open face milling, consider the surface finish requirement, how fast you need to remove the material, and how many edges the insert provides.

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Recommended Tooling for Open Face Milling:

EDGE² DTB double-sided button cutters

EDGE² DTB Double-Sided Toroid Button Cutters

  • Aggressive material removal using round inserts
  • Great edge economy with 12 usable indexes
  • Suitable for all materials except nonferrous
  • Not for fine finishing
  • Single insert size (12mm)
Single-sided Toroid face mills

Single-Sided Toroid Cutters – Button or Octagon

  • Aggressive material removal using round or octagonal inserts
  • Fine finishing using octagonal inserts
  • Geometries and grades for all materials, including nonferrous
  • Good edge economy with 8 usable indexes
  • Four insert sizes (3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4")
RHINO-FEED high-feed milling series

RHINO-FEED™ High-Feed Milling Series

  • Ultra-fast feed rates at light depth of cut
  • Productive for light-duty / lower HP machines
  • Long tool life
  • Axial tool pressure - very stable, even in long-reach applications
  • Not for fine finishing

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