An ideal combination for aggressive pocketing, roughing, milling, slotting and more.

Button cutters are one of the most versatile cutting geometries in manufacturing. They are regularly used for pocketing, die/mold roughing, face milling, slotting, step milling and helical interpolation. Button cutters also offer many usable edges, since a full 360-degrees of cutting edge is available on a fully round insert. This makes a button cutter a very economical choice.

By utilizing round inserts, button cutter applications can be aggressively machined thanks to the strength of the round cutting edge and the fact that the chip is "thinned" when cutting with a round cutting edge. Applications requiring significant metal removal can be successfully machined by employing either an aggressive depth of cut with a medium feed, or by utilizing a light depth of cut with ultra-aggressive feeds.

Both achieve high metal removal rates, but serve different machine tool types accordingly. Older, beefier machines respond well to a button cutter run at heavier depths of cut, while often allowing only moderate feeds. Newer, lighter-duty machines that are built for speed allow button cutters to perform in a "high-speed machining" mode, providing good metal removal rates with shallow depths of cut and very fast feed rates.

Rhino-Carb round carbide button inserts

Cutting forces can also be controlled somewhat with button cutters. When operating at heavier depths of cut, a button cutter will create cutting forces that are more radial (outward horizontally from point where tool contacts workpiece) in direction. However, by lightening the depth of cut – as in high-speed or high-feed machining – the cutting forces are directed more axially (upwards into the spindle), allowing for more aggressive metal removal with longer-reach tooling.

Dapra's RHINO-CARB™ insert line offers an outstanding value in button cutter performance. Our RPMH button inserts feature a thicker carbide, providing better strength and heat absorption. The CNC-pressed cutting edge provides a positive geometry for low-force cutting, with a strength that is prepared to handle the heaviest feed rates.

Three different geometries are available. Dapra's RHINO-CARB "T" insert is the most robust, providing the strongest edge for aggressive or high-shock applications. The "N" cutting edge allows aggressive feeds, but with a higher-positive edge creating less tool pressure and heat than the "T". Dapra's most-positive RHINO-CARB edge is the "D", providing the ultimate in high-shear cutting for low cutting forces, low heat and optimum performance in stainless steels and high-temperature alloys. Get more information on insert geometries and grade selection here.

Dapra's high-performance Toroid Cutters are perfect for button cutting applications utilizing both end mills and shell mills. Contact us to find out how you can utilize button cutters and Dapra's RHINO-CARB inserts to enhance your productivity.