At Dapra, our relationship with shops large and small doesn’t start and end with a purchase order. We’re here to help you choose the best tooling, inserts and operating parameters to maximize your milling efficiency and productivity – every step of the way, from sale to the spindle.

Every day, we work side-by-side with our customers to determine the best approach for their milling applications. This series of quick videos looks at a variety of scenarios where we helped shops save time and money by dialing in their operation.

Unattended High-Feed Milling to Repurpose a Forge Die - Finkl FX2 Hammered Steel

Unattended High-Feed Milling to Repurpose a Forge Die – Finkl FX2 Hammered Steel

This shop needed to mill a large, 4.5" deep pocket in an old forge die block of FX2 to prepare the workpiece for a new insert – a process that traditionally took them up to 10 hours per part using button cutters.

Using our 2" heavy-feed cutter, we reduced the cycle time down to 3.5 hours, even while running conservatively to allow for unattended operation. The annual cost savings from this tooling change could be well into the 6 figures, and the impressive jump in throughput allowed the shop to keep up with demand without adding machines to its operation.

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High-feed roughing 17-4 PH stainless steel

High-Feed Roughing 17-4 PH Stainless on a 40-Taper Machine

For this application, a customer required extensive roughing of 17-4 PH stainless steel on their 40-taper Haas machining center.

With its light depth of cut a quick feed rate, our 2" mini-feed high-feed cutter was a perfect fit, achieving more than 90 minutes of tool life, with machine loads well within normal.

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Large-Diameter Hole Helixing

Making Large-Diameter Holes Crazy Fast in 4140PH

High-feed helixing can shorten cycle times for large-diameter hole making to never-before-seen levels – even on a 40-taper machine.

In this customer application, our high-feed milling cutter makes quick work of a 4" diameter, 2.5" deep hole in 4140PH.

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Hard Milling Toolox 44 (45 Rc) with a High-Feed Cutter

Hard Milling Toolox 44 (45 Rc) with a High-Feed Cutter

A customer called looking for assistance roughing a lot of material from a Toolox 44 block at 45 Rc. Our recommendation was a heavy-feed cutter using RF-12 inserts.

Wanting to stay conservative since it was an unattended run, we set the customer up at 350 SFM, .030" FPT and .035" DOC. After 90 successful minutes of cutting, the inserts still looked good!

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