Uncoated (Base Grade) with Coating Description Specifications
UC Sub-micron tungsten carbide with high edge strength and good toughness. Good for machining steels, stainless steels, high-temperature alloys, cast iron, and nonferrous materials. (C-2), (K10)
High-temperature and high-hardness coating. Proven performance and wear resistance in virtually all materials makes this a versatile and simple grade choice. 3600 HV,
2000°F, .2 Co
  TS New coating intended for general-purpose use across a wide variety of materials including steels and stainless steels. High-temperature grade providing excellent heat and wear resistance. Use for most applications. 3800 HV,
2200°F, .2 Co
  HM New coating intended primarily for high-temperature applications like hardened steels and tough PH-stainless steels. Highest hardness and heat resistance. Also excellent for irons. 4000 HV,
2400°F, .2 Co
  FPDL Diamond-like coating for achieving better tool life vs. standard PVD coatings in graphite and composite applications, without the high cost of diamond-tipped or diamond-coated inserts. 5000 HV,
1000°F, .2 Co