Dapra Next Technology

VAPOR™ is a high feed indexable mill that maximizes metal removal rates. Utilizing light depth of cut (DOC) combined with extreme feed per tooth (FPT) to increase productivity.

• Versatility through positive cutting geometry and excellent ramping capability
• Initial offering is a double-sided 6mm insert series
• Additional product series coming soon!


Link to Vapor End Mills

End Mills: .5” to 1.5” diameters.

Vapor Shell Mills

Shell Mills: 1.5” and 2” diameters.

Vapor Modular Heads

Modular heads:  .75” to 1.25” diameters.


  • Double-sided 6 Usable Edges
  • Proven base grades, DMK and DMP
  • Advanced PVD coating technology
  • Strong edge geometry
  • Dapra HM or GLH coatings
  • Large insert screw



The VAPOR Video

Watch to see the Vapor advantage in design and application. 

Watch the demos

Amazing performance from this cutter.  

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