DAPRA's New RHINO-FEED™ Line Allows Feed Rates Up to 5x Faster Than Normal


DAPRA Corporation is pleased to announce RHINO-FEED™: a new line of high-feed cutters and inserts that takes advantage of chip thinning to allow feed rates up to five times faster than normal.

High-feed milling creates significant chip thinning due to an extreme lead angle. The RHINO-FEED system adjusts feed rates to compensate for this condition and provides very high feeds, at lighter depths of cut. RHINO-FEED can help maximize productivity in advanced applications such as mold cavity and core roughing, pocketing, roughing of complex part contours and helical interpolation.

The RHINO-FEED line is built for high-feed performance, with tools for mini-, mid- and heavy-feed uses. Through-hardened tool steel gives both standard and long-reach cutter bodies optimum strength, and they are surface hardened for extra wear and chip-welding resistance. Inserts are available in multiple geometries for smooth or strong cutting conditions and feature positive clearance that provides excellent ramping and helixing capabilities.

RHINO-FEED end mills, shell mills and modular heads are available in diameters of .500" to 4", for depths of cut up to .060". Inserts are available in a simple but effective grade variety to provide strong performance in all materials.

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