Achieve Ultra-Aggressive Metal Cutting and Longer Tool Life with New RHINO-CARB Inserts from DAPRA

High-Performance CNC-Pressed Toroid Inserts

DAPRA is pleased to announce the introduction of RHINO-CARB, a full line of high-performance CNC-pressed Toroid inserts. Designed for aggressive metal cutting and long tool life, these thicker inserts offer greater strength and enhanced heat absorption capabilities. A positive top rake reduces cutting forces and torque, while a stronger cutting edge accommodates heavier chiploads and provides greater shock absorption.

These pressed-to-size inserts are available with either T-land or dished-face edge options. The T-land inserts offer a reinforced cutting edge for steels, irons and hard milling, while the dished-face inserts provide a high-positive cutting edge for stainless steels, high-temperature alloys and gummy materials.

This new insert line fits current DAPRA Toroid end mills and shell mills with the aid of a thicker top clamp. Pressed round (“button") inserts, octagonal inserts, square inserts and high-feed inserts are available in sizes from 3/8" to 3/4" I.C. A wide variety of insert geometries, grades and coatings position DAPRA’s Toroid line as an extremely versatile, high-performance milling solution.

Complete technical details and current availability for these pressed-to-fit inserts may be viewed here.

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