New Milling, Cutting Tool and Workholding Products

At Dapra, we are continually updating and improving our product line to provide you with the most effective, best performing cutting and finishing tools in the industry. Look for more new product announcements from Dapra in the coming months. And, remember, on-site technical support from our application specialists is only a phone call away!

EDGE2 DSS -- Double-Sided Square ShoulderEDGE2 DSS – Double-Sided Square Shoulder

Dapra's upcoming DSS line delivers premium 90° milling performance and maximum value. Double-sided DSS inserts provide four usable edges, and with our industry-first cutter replacement program you can say goodbye to your worn-out cutters.

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SBD Backdraft-Style InsertsSBD Backdraft-Style Finishing Inserts for EDGE2 SBN System

Designed specifically for use with our EDGE2 SBN system, new SBD backdraft-style finishing inserts feature a positive-rake side-cutting wiper, an ultra-robust carbide insert, and a unique and rigid insert mount for maximum performance in long-reach, low-pressure finishing cutting. Maximize surface finish and rigidity while also minimizing cutting forces.

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RDBN Rough-Duty Ball Nose InsertsRDBN Rough-Duty Ball Nose Inserts

RDBN is a new, stronger Ball Nose insert that will stand up to more demanding light roughing and finishing applications – heavier cuts, long tool overhangs and tougher materials. They feature a tougher carbide substrate for added chipping resistance and stronger ground cutting edges for extra strength and durability.

Click here for more information and to see RDBN inserts in action: heavy 3D roughing, corner rounding and semi-finishing hardened steel »

TS (AlTiN-based) insertsNew Premium Insert Grades

TS (AlTiN-based)

HM (AlCrN-based)

New Torque Wrench Systems Offer Precise Tightening without Binding and StrippingNew Torque Wrench Systems Offer Precise Tightening without Binding and Stripping

Accurate torque application for insert screws is just a CLICK away with Dapra's new line of torque wrenches. With two handle styles and three bit set sizes, repeatable and accurate insert loading and clamping is easier than ever!

No more guessing! Dapra's new torque wrench system features color-coded adapters and bits for quick identification of the correct size for your application. Each adapter size has a preset torque value. When the correct torque is achieved – CLICK – and the screw is tight.

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New EDGE2 Indexable Tool Family for Roughing and FinishingNew EDGE2 Indexable Tool Family for Roughing and Finishing

Dapra is very pleased to announce the official launch of our new EDGE2 product family! This new development from Dapra contains two innovative new product lines – the DTB-series for roughing, and the SBN-series for finishing.

The DTB roughing series features double-sided inserts for twice the metal removal and twice the value. The SBN finishing series features truly indexable inserts with two usable cutting edges instead of one. To learn more about these innovative lines, click here.

New Square Shoulder Straight-Shank Extended Reach End Mills InsertsNew Square Shoulder Straight-Shank Extended Reach End Mills

Dapra's new straight-shank extended reach end mills are designed to provide long-reach capabilities without an oversized shank. These holders do not include weldon flats, and are ideal for heat-shrink tool holders and milling chuck applications.

These extended reach end mills are available in three sizes: .75" x 7" overall length, 1" x 9" overall length, and 1.25" x 10" overall length.