New Milling, Cutting Tool and Workholding Products

At Dapra, we are continually updating and improving our product line to provide you with the most effective, best performing cutting and finishing tools in the industry. Look for more new product announcements from Dapra in the coming months. And, remember, on-site technical support from our application specialists is only a phone call away!

New Torque Wrench Systems Offer Precise Tightening without Binding and StrippingFull Line of High-Pressure Vises for Milling, Grinding and Other Production Workholding Applications

Dapra now offers a full line of Arnold high-pressure vises that provide controllable power and dependable clamping for a wide variety of workholding applications.

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New Torque Wrench Systems Offer Precise Tightening without Binding and StrippingNew Solid Carbide Modular Extensions

Dapra's new solid carbide modular extensions are ideal for use with modular heads during finishing applications. They feature:

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New Torque Wrench Systems Offer Precise Tightening without Binding and StrippingNew Torque Wrench Systems Offer Precise Tightening without Binding and Stripping

Accurate torque application for insert screws is just a CLICK away with Dapra's new line of torque wrenches. With two handle styles and three bit set sizes, repeatable and accurate insert loading and clamping is easier than ever!

No more guessing! Dapra's new torque wrench system features color-coded adapters and bits for quick identification of the correct size for your application. Each adapter size has a preset torque value. When the correct torque is achieved – CLICK – and the screw is tight.

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New EDGE2 Indexable Tool Family for Roughing and FinishingNew EDGE2 Indexable Tool Family for Roughing and Finishing

Dapra is very pleased to announce the official launch of our new EDGE2 product family! This new development from Dapra contains two innovative new product lines – the DTB-series for roughing, and the SBN-series for finishing.

The DTB roughing series features double-sided inserts for twice the metal removal and twice the value. The SBN finishing series features truly indexable inserts with two usable cutting edges instead of one. To learn more about these innovative lines, click here.

New Square Shoulder Straight-Shank Extended Reach End Mills InsertsNew Square Shoulder Straight-Shank Extended Reach End Mills

Dapra's new straight-shank extended reach end mills are designed to provide long-reach capabilities without an oversized shank. These holders do not include weldon flats, and are ideal for heat-shrink tool holders and milling chuck applications.

These extended reach end mills are available in three sizes: .75" x 7" overall length, 1" x 9" overall length, and 1.25" x 10" overall length.

New 12mm Square Shoulder lineNew 12mm Square Shoulder line

New 12mm Square Shoulder cutter bodies and inserts offer smoother cutting action, less noise generation and reduced pressure than Dapra's other Square Shoulder tools. The new stronger 12mm insert geometry achieves heavier cuts using smaller-diameter cutters.

12mm inserts are also more economical than 16mm inserts. They offer significant cost savings, while still accommodating larger tools at typical depths of cut.

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New TCI Grade for RHINO-FEED, Square Shoulder and Toroid InsertsNew TCI Grade for RHINO-FEED, Square Shoulder and Toroid Inserts

Dapra's new premium modified AlTiN grade for medium to high-temperature applications offers the best choice for most steels, stainless steel and cast iron.

With the TCI grade, you can achieve typical tool life improvement of 30% to 50%.

New Metric Ball Nose Straight-Shank Cutter BodiesNew Metric Ball Nose Straight-Shank Cutter Bodies

Dapra's new metric size Ball Nose long-length holders have undersized shanks for clearance right out of the box! Short effective clearance lengths provide the strongest possible cutter design.

These cutter bodies are available in 1/2" (12mm), 3/4" (18mm) and 1" (25mm) shank diameters.

New "F" RHINO-FEED™ Insert GeometryNew "F" RHINO-FEED™ Insert Geometry

• Specially reinforced to stand up to the heaviest feed rates

• Robust cutting edge is great for abusive, high-shock applications in steels and iron

• Available in grade DMK30 (toughest) substrate only

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New DMK15 RHINO-FEED™ Insert GradeNew DMK15 RHINO-FEED™ Insert Grade

• Hardest grade available for high-temp applications involving harder materials

• Micro-grain carbide provides excellent edge strength

• Best choice for iron applications

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PCD-Tipped Ball Nose InsertsDAPRA's New PCD-Tipped Inserts Improve the Versatility of our Ball Nose Line

DAPRA Corporation is pleased to announce the availability of new PCD-tipped inserts for its line of Ball Nose finishing mills.

PCD-tipped inserts are ideal for the milling of soft, non-ferrous materials such as graphite and aluminum (not for steels or iron). Choose PCD-tipped ball nose inserts when millling these materials, and you may achieve tool life improvement of 50 to 100 times better than coated carbide!

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HFDEH InsertsDAPRA's New RHINO-FEED™ Line Allows Feed Rates Up to 5x Faster Than Normal

DAPRA Corporation is pleased to announce RHINO-FEED™: a new line of high-feed cutters and inserts that takes advantage of chip thinning to allow feed rates up to five times faster than normal.

High-feed milling creates significant chip thinning due to an extreme lead angle. The RHINO-FEED system adjusts feed rates to compensate for this condition and provides very high feeds, at lighter depths of cut. RHINO-FEED can help maximize productivity in advanced applications such as mold cavity and core roughing, pocketing, roughing of complex part contours and helical interpolation.

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New DMK30 Insert GradeNew DMK30 Insert Grade

DMK30 – Dapra's newest XPET insert substrate – features a micro-grain structure with medium cobalt content, providing very good edge strength and wear resistance while maintaining outstanding toughness. DMK30 was formulated for high-performance applications involving tool steels, austenitic stainless steels and most high-temperature alloys.

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New RHINO-CARB New RHINO-CARB "N" Cutting Edge

Dapra has expanded its popular Toroid RHINO-CARB CNC-pressed insert line with a new N cutting geometry for round and octagonal inserts. The new N inserts provide smoother cutting action for steels, irons and many stainless steels when compared to the stronger T insert edge. The N offers a higher-positive edge preparation and rake angle than the T, providing excellent cutting action that creates less heat and pressure than the T while offering greater strength than the very high-positive D.

Cutting EdgeEdge StrengthTool PressureHeat Creation
T (T-Land)StrongestHighestHighest
N (Neutral)StrongMediumMedium
D (Dished)MediumLowestLowest

Use Dapra's T geometry where the heaviest cuts are taken, or where vibration or chatter may be causing edge damage. This geometry is suitable for steels, irons and 400-series stainless.

Use Dapra's N geometry in typical cutting applications where high-performance milling of steels, irons and 400-series stainless is desired.

Use Dapra's D geometry in applications where the lowest tool pressure and higher shear are required. This geometry is best for most stainless steels and high-temperature alloys, but it is also a very free-cutting performer in softer steels.

New DMK25 Insert Grade

Our newest substrate is called DMK25. It features a micro-grain structure with a medium cobalt content, providing very good edge strength and wear resistance while maintaining outstanding toughness. DMK25 was formulated for applications involving tool steels, austenitic stainless steels and most high-temperature alloys. DMK25 is available in our D geometry as well as the new N (see above), but will not be available in T. It will be available in each of our high-performance coatings:

Helical Cutting Edge Ball Nose Inserts in Metric SizesHelical Cutting Edge Ball Nose Inserts in Metric Sizes

Dapra's advanced HBN Ball Nose inserts with helical cutting edge are now available in metric sizes ranging from 10mm to 32mm in diameter. The HBN inserts' helical cutting edge optimizes performance in Ball Nose finishing applications, offering smoother cutting action, reducing chatter and providing a cleaner surface finish. The HBN geometry is capable of heavier cutting and increased metal removal while lowering stress on work materials. Another advantage of the helical cutting edge is the longer tool life that results from reduced tool pressure and heat generation. Click here for details on our Metric Ball Nose line.

Carbide Core Modular ExtensionsNew Carbide Core Extensions Improve Rigidity, Extend the Reach of Modular Heads

Dapra is pleased to announce a new line of Carbide Core Modular Extensions to complement our existing Modular Heads and Extensions. These extensions feature:

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Self-Centering 5-Axis ViseSelf-Centering Vise for Universal Machining

Dapra has introduced a new line of self-centering vises for universal machining. Two models, the SC-125 (4.9" / 125mm wide) and the smaller SC-090 (3.9" / 90mm wide), are specifically designed to meet the demands of workholding on 5-axis milling machines. The new high-precision vises are compact, tall and self-centering. Parts are being held high above the vise bed, which gives the machine tool spindle access to virtually all sides of a workpiece. The self-centering feature allows all coordinates of the workpiece to be programmed from a common reference point. Click here for details.

RHINO-CARB Toroid InsertsNew RHINO-CARB™ Toroid Inserts Provide Ultra-Aggressive Metal Cutting and Longer Tool Life

DAPRA is pleased to announce the introduction of RHINO-CARB, a full line of high-performance CNC-pressed Toroid inserts. Designed for aggressive metal cutting and long tool life, these thicker inserts offer greater strength and enhanced heat absorption capabilities. A positive top rake reduces cutting forces and torque, while a stronger cutting edge accommodates heavier chiploads and provides greater shock absorption. This new insert line fits current DAPRA Toroid end mills and shell mills with the aid of a thicker top clamp. Pressed round ("button") inserts, octagonal inserts, square inserts and high-feed inserts are available in sizes from 3/8" to 3/4" I.C. Click here for details on our full Toroid line.

Allmatic TITAN High-Pressure ViseThe Allmatic TITAN 125: DAPRA's Most Versatile High-Pressure Vise

The new ALLMATIC TITAN 125 high-pressure vise is so versatile that, according to ALLMATIC, "Nothing is beyond its grasp!" Combining almost all of the functions of the popular ALLMATIC NC and T-REX, the TITAN 125 has all of the precision and versatility required of today's workholding tools. It has a robust GGG 60 base with hardened and ground guideways to provide a high level of accuracy and excellent wear resistance. The large side openings allow chips and cooling lubricant to escape. Threaded holes on both sides allow for the attachment of workpiece stops, and precise aligning slots in the base ensure smooth handling. Other benefits of the TITAN 125 include short set-up times, without an external power supply, and the capability to change workpieces in a matter of seconds. Click here for all of the details about the TITAN vise.

High-feed ball nose insertsHigh-Feed Inserts Enhance Roughing Capabilities for Small-Diameter Applications

Dapra has introduced a new series of High-Feed inserts that are ideal for smaller-diameter applications. The HFBD Series Inserts are designed for outstanding metal removal rates when used with Dapra's BNEM Cutter Bodies for high-feed roughing, pocketing, cavity/core roughing and helical interpolation. Available in 3/8" through 3/4" diameters, these versatile cutters are furnished in medium-temperature and high-temperature grades. A further advantage of the HFBD Inserts is their eligibility for Dapra's Ball Nose Replacement Program, through which the buyer can receive FREE and Discounted replacement Ball Nose Cutters for every 30 Inserts purchased. In addition to the new Inserts, Dapra has recently announced the availability of 3/4" and 1" Solid Carbide Ball Nose Cutter Bodies.

Machine vise with adjustable gripper studsT-REX Allmatic Vise with Adjustable Gripper Studs

Dapra's Allmatic Precision Machine Vise line has been expanded to include the new T-REX Vise. The T-REX features adjustable gripper studs that are embedded into the workpiece, ensuring safe and quick clamping of raw parts, thermal cut parts and sawn off material. The T-REX is suitable for materials with a strength value of approximately 900 N/mm2 (with the exception of hardened materials), and features a movable pivot jaw to accommodate different workpiece shapes. The T-REX is easy to operate with a mechanical power intensifier. Click here for more details on the T-REX, or here to view our entire selection of Allmatic clamping systems.