Vapor™ Double-Sided High-Feed Milling Platform

Vapor double-sided high-feed indexable milling tools

Developed for lighter, faster cutting, capitalizing on modern high-feed machining principles.

Vapor delivers extreme metal removal rates by combining low depth of cut and high feeds per tooth, with reduced vibration tendencies on long-reach tools. New TRI-X2™ double-sided trigon inserts provide six usable edges to reduce your overall manufacturing costs.

Vapor is ideal for high-feed milling of ISO material groups P, M, K, S and H
Designed for high-feed contour milling, 3D roughing, pocketing, hole making, and profile ramping
Vapor cutter bodies: end mills, shell mills, modular heads

Cutter Bodies

Vapor end mills, shell mills, and modular heads are machined from highly shock-resistant, through-hardened steel for proven performance in aerospace, automotive, energy, firearm, medical, mold & die, and general industrial high-feed milling applications.

  • Diameter range of .500" - 2.000", with up to 7 flutes
  • Through-coolant holes for maximum temperature control and chip evacuation
  • Re-engineered gullets and insert pockets provide more effective chip evacuation and better redistribution of cutting forces, improving tool stability and overall tool life
  • Tuned entry angle and positive rake allow for most efficient tool paths for ramping, pocketing, plunging, and shoulder/face milling operations
TRI-X2 double-sided high-feed milling inserts: 6mm IC


TRI-X2 6mm double-sided trigon inserts provide six usable edges reduces overall cost per insert edge. Best-in-class insert screw size provides outstanding longevity and allows for easy indexing.

  • Addition of a radial cutout for improved chip evacuation
  • Improved edge geometry now available in both strong ("T" edge) and sharp ("D" edge) configurations
  • Available in proven base grades, with advanced coating technology for superior performance

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