Shock & Wear Resistance Uncoated (Base Grade) with Coating Description Specifications
Shock Resistance
DMK30 Moderate wear resistance/high shock resistance. Recommended for interrupted or unstable steel, most stainless steel, high-temperature alloys and cast iron applications. ANSI C1-C2,
ISO K25-K40,
  DMK30-TCI High-performance medium- to high-temperature grade. Outstanding shock and wear resistance in steels, irons and stainless steels. Best suited for materials < 44 Rc.
  DMK30-GLH Premium high-temperature coating. Best resistance to heat for high-shock applications. Excellent for tough stainless steels, high-temperature alloys and many tool steels.

DMK30-TS General-purpose grade for most materials except hardened steel. Tough and wear-resistant, with all-around coating.

DMK30-HM Same tough carbide substrate, but with a higher-temperature coating. Usually used for high-temperature alloys or tough stainless steels.
Shock and Wear
DMP25   High wear resistance/moderate shock resistance. Recommended for most steel and ductile iron applications. ANSI C5-C6,
ISO P25-P40
  DMP25-TCI High-performance medium- to high-temperature grade. Outstanding wear resistance in steels and ductile. Best suited for materials < 44 Rc.
  DMP25-GLH Premium high-temperature grade. Unbeatable performance and wear resistance in high-heat applications such as higher-speed machining in steels (< 44 Rc) and ductile irons.

DMP25-TS Use TS for high-performance milling of steels and ductile irons.

DMP25-HM Use HM for high-performance milling of tougher steels and tool steels.
Wear Resistance
DMK15   Highest wear resistance with reduced shock absorption capabilities. Micro-grain carbide provides excellent edge strength. Suitable for all materials under stable conditions. ANSI C2-C3,
ISO K15-K25,
  DMK15-TCI High-performance medium- to high-temperature grade. Great for higher-speed gray iron applications and lighter cuts in steels <52 Rc or ductile iron.
  DMK15-GLH Premium high-temperature grade for optimum wear resistance in cast irons and steel hard milling > 44 Rc.

DMK15-TS Use TS for good all-around performance in harder steels and ductile irons.

DMK15-HM Use HM for the highest hardness in gray and ductile irons, as well as heat-treated steels.

Additional coatings available on request. Contact Dapra for details.