Toroid Spare Parts & Tools

Spare Parts & Tools

Toroid Spare Parts and Tools
Toroid Spare Parts & Tools
Part Number
R3 R4 R5, R6
Spare Parts & Tools
Insert Screw: TRS-3
Top Clamp Screw: N/A
Top Clamps: N/A
Wrench: T-8F
Torque: 12-15 in-lbs
Clamp Screw: TRS-4CL
Insert Screw: TRS-4
Wrench: T-15T
Torque: 30-35 in-lbs
Clamp Screw: TRS-5CL
Insert Screw: TRS-6
Wrench: T-20T
Torque: 40-50 in-lbs

All listed tools use Anti-Seize Grease ASG-120.

New cutter bodies may require additional torque to fully seat the inserts. Once the new cutter's pockets are "broken in," the recommended torque specs in the chart can be followed regularly.

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