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High-Performance Toroid Cutters & Inserts

Dapra's Toroid line includes the RHINO-CARB™ line, featuring four high-performance CNC-pressed inserts designed for outstanding metal removal rates and tool life, maximizing the versatility of our Toroid cutting tools.

Button, square and octagonal inserts

Match the insert R value to the designation on your cutter body.

Fits 1-1/4" diameter and above only.

Search for cutters and inserts by R Value / IC size:

RHINO-CARB CNC-Pressed Inserts

CNC-Pressed Toroid Inserts

CNC-Pressed Toroid Inserts

Dapra's RHINO-CARB™ high-performance inserts are designed for very aggressive metal cutting and long tool life.

  1. Stronger cutting edge for heavier chiploads, greater shock absorption and longer tool life
  2. Positive top rake for reduced cutting forces and lower torque
  3. Thicker inserts for greater strength and enhanced heat-absorption capabilities

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