90° Square Shoulder Spare Parts

Spare Parts & Tools

Square Shoulder Spare Parts and Tools
Spare Parts & Tools
Part Description Order Number (EDP)
for all ..1003.. Inserts for all ..1204.. Inserts for all ..1604.. Inserts
Clamping Screw SSTX08-S (22600) SSTX10-S (22605) SSTX15-S (22610)
Wrench T8-F (83000) T10-T (83005) T15-T (83010)
Tightening Torque for Clamping Screw 12 in-lbs (1.0 Nm) 20 in-lbs (2.25 Nm) 30 in-lbs (3.5 Nm)

New cutter bodies may require additional torque to fully seat the inserts. Once the new cutter’s pockets are “broken in,” the recommended torque specs in the chart can be followed regularly.

Dapra’s new torque wrench systems make repeatable, accurate insert loading and clamping easier than ever before! Click here for details.

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