Metric Square Shoulder Cutters and Inserts

Metric Series 90° Square Shoulder Mills

Dapra Corporation is now offering a series of high-performance METRIC SERIES Square Shoulder Mills in the most commonly used sizes and styles. Contact Dapra today for pricing on these metric sizes. Our metric tools will accept inch APET/XPET (and APKT-compatible) inserts of like sizes.

Metric Square Shoulder End Mills

Metric End Mill
Metric End Mills
Cutting Dia.
Holder Insert Length Flutes Shank Dia.
Overall Length
Effective Length
Inserts CAD File
16mm SSEM16-16-R35-2 10mm 2 16mm 80mm 31mm 10mm DXF
20mm SSEM20-20-R35-2 10mm 2 20mm 90mm 39mm DXF
25mm SSEM25-20-R35-4 10mm 4 20mm 90mm 39mm DXF
25mm SSEM25-25-R55-2 16mm 2 25mm 100mm 44mm 16mm DXF
32mm SSEM32-32-R35-5 10mm 5 32mm 100mm 44mm 10mm DXF
32mm SSEM32-32-R55-3 16mm 3 32mm 100mm 44mm 16mm DXF
40mm SSEM40-32-R55-4 16mm 4 32mm 115mm 55mm DXF

Standard Pitch Metric Square Shoulder Shell Mills

d2 = arbor diameter; l1 = overall height

Standard Pitch Metric Shell Mill
Standard Pitch Metric Shell Mills
Cutting Dia. (D) Holder Insert Length Flutes Arbor Dia.
Overall Height
Mounting Screw Inserts CAD File
50mm SSSM50-22-R55-4 16mm 4 22mm 38mm M10 16mm DXF
50mm SSSM50-22-R55-5 16mm 5 22mm 38mm M10 DXF
63mm SSSM63-27-R55-5 16mm 5 27mm 38mm M12 DXF
80mm SSSM80-27-R55-6 16mm 6 27mm 50mm M12 DXF

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