R4  Heavy-Feed Bodies & Inserts

R4 Heavy-Feed End Mills

End Mills are solid steel, manufactured for coolant thru tool.
Toroid R3 End Mill
End Mills R4 –12mm IC
Holder R
Effective Length
Overall Length
Shank Dia.
Flutes DOC Recommended Insert CAD File
1.250" HFEM125-300-R4-2 3.000" 5.280" 1.250" 2 .020-.050" RF12 DXF
1.250" HFEM125-500-R4-2 5.000" 7.280" 1.250" 2 .020-.040" RF12 DXF
1.500" HFEM150-350-R4-3 3.500" 5.780" 1.250" 3 .020-.050" RF12 DXF
1.500" HFEM150-550-R4-3 5.500" 7.780" 1.250" 3 .020-.040" RF12 DXF
Note! Fully tighten insert screws before snugging down on clamp screws. Failure to tighten in correct order may result in insert/cutter breakage.

R4 Heavy-Feed Shell Mills

All Shell Mills 3" diameter and smaller are transitioning to a thru-coolant style. To specify thru-coolant option when ordering, add a "C" to the end of the part number. Stock not guaranteed.

R3 Mid-Feed Shell Mills
Shell Mills R4 – 12mm IC
Holder R
Effective Length
Arbor Dia.
Counter Bore Dia.
Flutes DOC Recommended Insert CAD File
2.000" HFSM200-075-R4-4 1.500" .750" .590" 4 .020-.050" RF12 DXF
2.000" HFSM200-075-R4-5 1.500" .750" .590" 5 .020-.050" RF12 DXF
2.500" HFSM250-100-R4-5 2.000" 1.000" .790" 5 .020-.050" RF12 DXF
3.000" HFSM300-100-R4-6 2.000" 1.000" .790" 6 .020-.050" RF12 DXF
4.000" HFSM400-150-R4-8 2.000" 1.500" 2.060" 8 .020-.050" RF12 DXF
5.000" HFSM500-150-R4-8 2.000" 1.500" 2.060" 8 .020-.050" RF12 DXF
6.000" HFSM600-200-R4-9 2.000" 2.000" 2.875" 9 .020-.050" RF12 DXF

Heavy-Feed Inserts

T-Land Cutting Edge "T" inserts have a reinforced cutting edge for steels, irons and hard milling.
Dished Cutting Edge "D" inserts have a positive cutting geometry, designed to reduce cutting forces and heat. This edge is suitable for all materials.
"F" Cutting Edge "F" inserts are specially reinforced for the heaviest feeds and most abusive applications in steels or irons (available in grade DMK30 only).
Heavy-Feed Inserts
Insert IC Thickness # of Usable Edges Corner Radius (Actual) Corner Radius (Program) DOC (Max.) DOC (Recommended) FPT
RF12-T 12MM .220" 4 .094" .135" .060" .020-.050" .025-.070"
RF12-D 12MM .220" 4 .094" .135" .060" .020-.050" .020-.055"
RF12-F 12MM .220" 4 .094" .135" .060" .020-.050" .035-.080"
* A special corner radius value is required for correct programming of a high-feed insert. Using the program radius avoids gouging of the corners in the workpiece material.
The high-feed insert will naturally leave a small amount of extra material at the bottom-most layer of the cut, at the intersection of the wall and pocket floor.
RHINO-FEED inserts are labeled with dots to indicate die position during pressing. For the most accurate runout when loaded into the cutter body, make sure each insert is loaded with the corresponding edge.

Click here for operating instructions for heavy-feed inserts.

NEW "F" Geometry and TCI Grade!
Heavy-Feed RF12 Grade Availability
Uncoated With Coating
T, D, F
T, D, F
T, D, F
The older "HP" coating has been replaced by the new "TCI" grade. "HP" is available upon request, but will typically have a 1-2 week delivery time.
T, D
T, D
Heavy-Feed Inserts

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