Spherical Ball Nose Inserts

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Spherical Ball Nose Inserts
Spherical Ball Nose Finishing Inserts
Part Number D Ø
Thickness Radius Hole Diameter
SBN-0500 .500" 0.138" 0.250" 0.2070"
SBN-0750 .750" 0.218" 0.375" 0.2070"
SBN-1000 1.000" 0.250" 0.500" 0.2464"
• Available grades stocked standard: UC (uncoated) and GLH (coated)

Spherical Ball Nose Finishing Insert Grade Descriptions
(Base Grade)
with Coating Description Specifications
UC   Micro-grain tungsten carbide with high edge strength and good toughness. Good for machining steels, stainless steels, high-temperature alloys, cast iron and nonferrous materials. (C-2), (K10)
  GLH Premium high-temperature and high-hardness coating. Optimum performance and wear resistance in virtually all materials makes this an extremely versatile and simple grade choice. 3600 HV, 2000˚ F, .2 Co

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