EDGE2 SBN spherical ball nose finishing system

EDGE2 DTB Roughing Series - Double-Sided Button Inserts & Button Cutters

SBN Finishing Series: Spherical Ball Nose System

Truly Indexable Finishing Inserts – 2 Usable Cutting Edges

The EDGE2 SBN spherical ball nose system features truly indexable inserts with two usable cutting edges, delivering both cost savings and the highest-quality finishes. Thicker carbide construction provides better heat and stress absorption, and outstanding insert life allows for the longest unattended finishing runs – with superior surface finishes created by an improved grinding process. The SBN series is also excellent for tip-cutting, 3D profiling, semi-finishing and light roughing.

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SBN Series Inserts

SBN series spherical ball nose inserts with two usable cutting edges

SBN Series Cutter Bodies

EDGE2 SBN series ball nose end mills

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