EDGE2 DTB roughing series with double-sided button inserts

EDGE2 DTB Roughing Series - Double-Sided Button Inserts & Button Cutters

DTB Roughing Series: Double-Sided Button Inserts & Cutter Bodies

Twice the Metal Removal – Twice the Value

The EDGE2 DTB roughing series features double-sided button inserts and super-tough cutter bodies for premium performance across a wide range of roughing applications. Double-sided DTB inserts provide twice the number of usable edges as a normal, single-sided insert. From mold cavity, core and complex part contour roughing to helical interpolation, pocketing, semifinishing and face milling, the DTB series was designed to help you maximize your efficiences in your most challenging roughing applications.

DTB Series Inserts

DTB series double-sided button inserts for extreme roughing

DTB Series Cutter Bodies

EDGE2 DTB series button cutter bodies

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