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Product Cost per Corner
Standard competitor 2-edged APKT-style inserts$7.00-$9.00
Dapra standard APET/XPET inserts$6.50
Dapra NEW DSS inserts$4.70

* All prices based on published list pricing. Actual end user pricing can vary. Dapra per-corner DSS pricing is with the free cutter replacement program included.

EDGE2 DSS Double-Sided Square Shoulder 90-degree Milling Tools

DSS Series Double-Sided Square Shoulder 90-Degree Milling Inserts

Double-sided DSS inserts provide twice the number of usable edges as a normal, single-sided insert. Read more about our industry-leading EDGE2 DSS system.

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DSS Series Double-Sided 90° Milling Inserts

DSS Series Double-Sided 90-degree Milling Inserts
DSS-T inserts feature a high-strength cutting edge and are ideal for high-performance milling of most tougher steels and cast irons.
Insert Size L W R Uncoated (EDP) With Coating (EDP)
DSS-1208-T.480.315.031DMK30 (33700)DMK30-TS (33785)DMK30-HM (33765) 
DMP25 (33800)DMP25-TS (33885)DMP25-HM (33865) 
DMK15 (33900)DMK15-TS (33985)DMK15-HM (33965) 
DSS-1216-T.480.315.062DMK30 (34000)DMK30-TS (34085)DMK30-HM (34065) 
DMP25 (34100)DMP25-TS (34185)DMP25-HM (34165) 
DMK15 (34200)DMK15-TS (34285)DMK15-HM (34265) 
DSS-D inserts feature a sharper cutting edge ideally suited to high-shear milling of stainless steels, various exotic and nickel alloys, and low-carbon steels.
Insert Size L W R Uncoated (EDP) With Coating (EDP)
DSS-1208-D.480.315.031DMK35 (33500)MK35-TS (33585)DMK35-HM (33565)DMK35-IN (33545)
DSS-1216-D.480.315.062DMK35 (33600)DMK35-TS (33685)DMK35-HM (33665)DMK35-IN (33645)
DSS Insert Grades
Shock & Wear Resistance Uncoated (Base Grade) with Coating Description Specifications
Shock Resistance
DMK30   Moderate wear resistance/high shock resistance. Recommended for interrupted or unstable steel, most stainless steel, high-temperature alloys and cast iron applications. ANSI C5-C6,
ISO P35-P40,
DMK30-TS General-purpose grade for most materials except hardened steel. Tough and wear-resistant, with all-around coating.
DMK30-HM Same tough carbide substrate, but with a higher-temperature coating. Usually used for high-temperature alloys or tough stainless steels.
Shock and Wear
DMK35   Specifically developed for inconel and other high-temperature alloys, as well as demanding stainless steel applications. Also suitable for smoother general-purpose milling in a variety of materials. ANSI C5-C6,
ISO M30-M40,
  DMK35-TS Use TS for general-purpose milling in a variety of steels or irons.
  DMK35-HM Use HM for a higher-temperature coating in tough stainless steels.
  DMK35-IN IN provides the best performance for high-temperature alloys and tough stainless steels. First choice for inconel.
Shock and Wear
DMP25   High wear resistance/moderate shock resistance. Recommended for most steel and ductile iron applications. ANSI C5,
ISO P25-P35,
  DMP25-TS Use TS for high-performance milling of steels and ductile irons.
  DMP25-HM Use HM for high-performance milling of tougher steels and tool steels.
Wear Resistance
DMK15   Highest wear resistance with reduced shock absorption capabilities. Micro-grain carbide provides excellent edge strength. Suitable for all materials under stable conditions. ANSI C2-C3,
ISO K10-K30
  DMK15-TS Use TS for good all-around performance in gray and ductile irons.
  DMK15-HM Use HM for the highest hardness in gray and ductile irons, as well as heat-treated steels.

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