Ball Nose Spare Parts & Tools

Spare Parts & Tools

Ball Nose Spare Parts and Tools

* T10-T wrenches available for older-style insert screws.

Ball Nose Spare Parts & Tools
Insert Screw Insert Size Dia. Major Dia. Pitch Wrenches TORX® Torque Nm/in.lbs. Miscellaneous
Inch Metric Description Catalog No.
GWS 08 0.312 8 3mm 3mm .5mm T8F Manual Special Anti-Seize Grease
Instructions for applying anti-seize to Ball Nose Insert screws
GWS 10 0.375 10 4mm 4mm .5mm T15-T Manual
GWS 12 0.500 12 5mm 5mm .5mm T20-T 6.0/53
GWS 16 0.625 16 5mm 5mm .5mm T20-T 6.2/55
GWS 20 0.750 20 5mm 5mm .5mm T20-T 6.2/55
GWS 25 1.000 25 6mm 6mm .75mm T30-T 6.5/58
GWS 32 1.250 30/32 8mm 8mm .75mm T30-T 6.5/58

TORX® is a registered trademark of Camcar/Textron.

NOTE: New cutter bodies may require additional torque to fully seat the inserts. Once new cutter pockets are "broken in," the recommended torque specs in the chart can be followed regularly.

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