Metric Ball Nose Finishing Mills

Metric Series Ball Nose Finishing Mills

Dapra Corporation is now offering a series of high-performance METRIC SERIES Ball Nose Cutters and Inserts in the most commonly used sizes and styles. Contact Dapra today for pricing on these metric sizes. Click here for our standard Ball Nose product line.

Metric Ball Nose Steel Holders

Metric Ball Nose Tools
* Note: All Dapra Ball Nose end mills accept either inch or metric inserts of like sizes.
Example: BNEM0750 and GWR20 accept either a 3/4" or 20mm diameter insert.
BNEM0500 and GWR12 accept either a 1/2" or 12mm diameter insert.
Steel Holder Ordering Information
Holder E
Effective Length
Overall Length
Shank Dia.
Neck Dia.
Insert Screw CAD File
Tapered Solid Metric
8mm GWR08-100-10-RZK 25mm 100mm 10mm 7mm GWS 08 DXF
Straight Solid Metric
10mm GWR10-130-10-RZ 25mm 130mm 10mm 9mm GWS 10 DXF
12mm GWR12-150-12-RZ 47mm 150mm 12mm 10.5mm GWS 12 DXF
12mm SC-BNEM-0500-7000-12MM-SS 38mm 180mm 12mm
10.5mm GWS 12 DXF
16mm GWR16-180-16-RZ 52mm 180mm 16mm 14.5mm GWS 16 DXF
20mm SC-BNEM-0750-10000-18MM-SS 57mm 250mm 18mm
17mm GWS 18 DXF
20mm GWR20-230-20-RZ 65mm 230mm 20mm 18mm GWS 20 DXF
25mm SC-BNEM-1000-10000-25MM-SS 76mm 250mm 25mm
22mm GWS 25 DXF
32mm GWR32-250-32-RZ 70mm 250mm 32mm 27.5mm GWS 32 DXF

Metric Ball Nose Modular Heads & Modular Extensions

Dapra's Line of Screw-On Heads Fits Industry Standard Cutting Systems

Ball Nose Modular Head
  • Compatible with ISO standard modular cutting systems
  • Greater effective reach than solid end mills
  • Close-tolerance mounting minimizes runout
  • Wrench flats accept adjustable wrenches – no special wrenches needed
Metric Ball Nose Screw-On Heads
Dia. Holder M E Flutes CAD File
12mm GWR12-MOD-C M8* 27mm 2 DXF
16mm GWR16-MOD-C M8* 28mm 2 DXF
20mm GWR20-MOD-C M10 32.5mm 2 DXF
25mm GWR25-MOD-C M12 42mm 2 DXF
32mm GWR32-MOD-C M16 45mm 2 DXF

* M8 modular extensions not available. Use ISO standard bars. "C" denotes thru-tool coolant.

Dapra's Modular Extensions Provide Even More Cutting Options

Ball Nose Modular Extension
  • Made of high-density tungsten, providing extra resistance to vibration and deflection
  • Machined on both ends; can be cut in half and used with two different modular heads
  • Shank diameters either match or are undersize compared to cutting diameters
  • • Thru-coolant equipped
Heavy Metal Metric Modular Extensions
Modular Head Dia. Part No. OAL M
Mounting Thread
Shank Dia.
CAD File
20mm ME-0750-18MM-900-C 230mm M10 18mm DXF
25mm ME-1000-25MM-1100-C 280mm M12 25mm DXF
32mm ME-125/150-25MM-1200-C 305mm M16 25mm DXF

Heavy Metal Modular Extensions feature a cylindrical shank, with no Weldon Flats. Hold with high-performance metric milling chucks or heat/mechanical shrink holders, or mill Weldon Flats and use a short-length solid end mill holder.

Metric Ball Nose Inserts*

Helical Cutting Edge Inserts (HBN)
Helical (HBN)
10mm HBN-10MM
12mm HBN-12MM
16mm HBN-16MM
20mm HBN-20MM
25mm HBN-25MM
30mm HBN-30MM
32mm HBN-32MM
Inserts Without Chipbreaker
Without Chipbreaker
10mm BNR-10MM-N
12mm BNR-12MM-N
16mm BNR-16MM-N
20mm BNR-20MM-N
25mm BNR-25MM-N
30mm BNR-30MM-N†
32mm BNR-32MM-N
Inserts With Chipbreaker
Without Chipbreaker
8mm BNR-08MM-CB
10mm BNR-10MM-CB
12mm BNR-12MM-CB
16mm BNR-16MM-CB
20mm BNR-20MM-CB
25mm BNR-25MM-CB
32mm BNR-32MM-CB

* For insert grades and coatings, see chart below. Other coatings are available upon request. Contact Dapra for more information.

† Use size 32 insert screws for 30mm inserts.

Ball Nose Insert Grade Descriptions
(Base Grade)
with Coating Description Specifications
F1   Micro-grain tungsten carbide with high edge strength and good toughness. Good for machining steels, stainless steels, high-temperature alloys, cast iron and nonferrous materials. (C-2), (K10)
  FPX Titanium carbon nitride (TiCN) is a functional hard coating offering an optimal combination of hardness, toughness and antifriction characteristics. TiCN is recommended for high shock resistance. Excellent titanium grade. 3000 HV, 750°F, .4 Co
FPO High-performance, medium-temperature grade. Optimum performance and wear resistance in most soft steels, soft stainless steels and cast irons. 3200 HV, 1850°F, .4 Co
FPA Aluminum titanium nitride (AlTiN) is recommended when extra hardness and heat resistance are required. AlTiN makes both machining at higher speeds and dry machining possible. 3600 HV, 2000°F, .4 Co
FP-GLH Premium high-temperature grade. Unbeatable performance and wear resistance in high-heat applications such as harder steels, tough stainless steels and high-temperature alloys. 3600 HV, 2000°F, .2 Co
FPD CVD-applied PCD (diamond) coating. Excellent wear resistance in nonmetallic materials such as graphite, epoxy-based resins and plastics. CVD Diamond Coating
PCD Only available in BNR-N and BDR-N inserts. Premium diamond-tipped grade for carbon or light aluminum milling. Use in dedicated holder for the optimum in wear resistance, up to 100 times standard PVD-coated inserts. Brazed-On Diamond Tips

Metric Ball Nose Spare Parts & Tools

Ball Nose Spare Parts and Tools
Metric Spare Parts & Tools
Insert Screw Metric Insert Size Wrenches TORX® Torque N/m Miscellaneous
Description Catalog No.
GWS 08 8 T8F Manual Special Anti-Seize Grease ASG-120
GWS 10 10 T15-T Manual
GWS 12 12 T20-T 6.0
GWS 16 16 T20-T 6.2
GWS 20 20 T20-T 6.2
GWS 25 25 T30-T 6.5
GWS 32 30 / 32 T30-T 6.5

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