Ball Nose, Back Draft and Flat Bottom Inserts

Dapra's precision-ground Ball Nose Inserts are offered in a variety of geometries and coatings to produce superior surface finishes and achieve closer tolerances and longer life.

RDBN Rough-Duty Ball Nose Inserts

RDBN Rough-Duty Ball Nose Inserts

RDBN Introductory Promo Savings

NEW RDBN is a stronger insert for our standard Ball Nose tool line, designed to stand up to more demanding light roughing and finishing applications: heavier cuts, long tool overhangs, and tougher materials. Click here for demo footage of these inserts in action as we heavy 3D rough 1018 steel, semi-finish hardened H13 (50 Rc), and corner round 1018 low-carbon steel.

  • Tougher carbide substrate for added chipping resistance
  • Stronger ground cutting edges for extra strength and durability
  • Helical geometry for reduced cutting forces
  • Fit all standard Dapra Ball Nose cutter bodies (not SBN)
  • Available in our new TS and HM coatings
RDBN Ball Nose Inserts
Part # D Ø
Thickness Hole
RDBN-0500 .500" 0.098" 0.197" 57000 57003 57001
RDBN-0625 .625" 0.118" 0.197" 57020 57023 57021
RDBN-0750 .750" 0.118" 0.197" 57040 57043 57041
RDBN-1000 1.000" 0.157" 0.237" 57060 57063 57061

PCD-Tipped Ball Nose Inserts

PCD-Tipped Ball Nose Inserts

PCD-tipped inserts are ideal for the milling of soft, non-ferrous materials such as graphite and aluminum (not for steels or iron). Choose PCD-tipped ball nose inserts when millling these materials, and you may achieve tool life improvement of 50 to 100 times better than coated carbide!

  • Outstanding wear resistance
  • Precision-ground to provide a sharp, accurate cutting radius
  • Fit standard Dapra Ball Nose bodies
PCD-Tipped Ball Nose Inserts
BNR-0375-N-PCD 0.375"
BNR-0500-N-PCD 0.500"
BNR-0750-N-PCD 0.750"
BNR-1000-N-PCD 1"

HBN Series – Helical Cutting Edge Ball Nose Inserts

HBN Helical Ball Nose Inserts

Improved tip geometry for better surface finishes and longer tool life


Optimize performance in all Ball Nose applications:

  • Smoother cutting action
  • Reduced chatter
  • Cleaner surface finish
  • Reduced stress on work materials
  • Reduced tool pressure and heat
  • Longer tool life
HBN Helical Ball Nose Inserts
HBN Insert
3/8" HBN-0375
1/2" HBN-0500
5/8" HBN-0625
3/4" HBN-0750
1" HBN-1000
1-1/4" HBN-1250
Metric HBN Helical Ball Nose Inserts
HBN Insert
10mm HBN-10MM
12mm HBN-12MM
16mm HBN-16MM
20mm HBN-20MM
25mm HBN-25MM
30mm HBN-30MM
32mm HBN-32MM

Standard Ball Nose Inserts – without chipbreaker

Ball Nose Inserts
Standard Ball Nose Inserts – without chipbreaker
Without Chipbreaker
3/8" BNR-0375-N
1/2" BNR-0500-N
5/8" BNR-0625-N
3/4" BNR-0750-N
1" BNR-1000-N
1-1/4" BNR-1250-N
Metric Sizes – without chipbreaker
Without Chipbreaker
10mm BNR-10MM-N
12mm BNR-12MM-N
16mm BNR-16MM-N
20mm BNR-20MM-N
25mm BNR-25MM-N
30mm BNR-30MM-N†
32mm BNR-32MM-N

† Use BNEM 1250 cutter body and size 32 insert screws.

Standard Ball Nose Inserts – with chipbreaker

Ball Nose Inserts with chipbreaker
Standard Ball Nose Inserts – with chipbreaker
With Chipbreaker
5/16" BNR-0312-CB
3/8" BNR-0375-CB
1/2" BNR-0500-CB
5/8" BNR-0625-CB
3/4" BNR-0750-CB
1" BNR-1000-CB
1-1/4" BNR-1250-CB
Metric Sizes – with chipbreaker
With Chipbreaker
8mm BNR-08MM-CB
10mm BNR-10MM-CB
12mm BNR-12MM-CB
16mm BNR-16MM-CB
20mm BNR-20MM-CB
25mm BNR-25MM-CB
32mm BNR-32MM-CB

BDR Series – Back Draft Inserts

BDR Back Draft Inserts
BDR Backdraft Inserts
Without Chipbreaker Chipbreaker Corner Radius
1/32 1/16 1/8
3/8" BDR-0375-N    
1/2" BDR-0500-N BDR-0500-CB • (CB)
5/8" BDR-0625-N BDR-0625-CB  
3/4" BDR-0750-N BDR-0750-CB • (CB)
1" BDR-1000-N BDR-1000-CB
PCD-Tipped Inserts†
3/8" BDR-0375-N-PCD      
1/2" BDR-0500-N-PCD    
3/4" BDR-0750-N-PCD    

Back draft angle: 4° per side

† Note: DOC of PCD-Tipped Inserts is .125"

FBR Series – Flat Bottom Inserts

FBR Flat-Bottom Inserts
FBR Flat-Bottom Inserts
Without Chipbreaker Chipbreaker Corner Radius
1/32 1/16
3/8" FBR-0375-N    
1/2" FBR-0500-N FBR-0500-CB
5/8" FBR-0625-N FBR-0625-CB
3/4" FBR-0750-N FBR-0750-CB
1" FBR-1000-N FBR-1000-CB

HFBD Series – High-Feed Inserts

HFBD High-Feed Inserts

Ultimate roughing capability for smaller-diameter applications:

  • 3/8" to 1" diameter
  • Use for cavity/core roughing, pocketing, detail area roughing and helical interpolation
  • Must be run with a BNEM cutter body (will not fit BDEM cutters)
HFBD Series High-Feed Inserts
Insert Uses Cutter Program Radius Corner Radius FPT* Max. DOC
3/8" HFBD-0375 BNEM0375 / GWR10** .0295" .020" .010-.020 .013"
1/2" HFBD-0500 BNEM0500 / GWR12** .0558" .034" .012-.025 .020"
5/8" HFBD-0625 BNEM0625 / GWR16** .0766" .048" .012-.030 .025"
3/4" HFBD-0750 BNEM0750 / GWR20** .0852" .062" .012-.040 .028"
1" HFBD-1000 BNEM1000 / GWR25** .1104" .076" .012-.040 .033"

* FPT is already adjusted for high-feed chip thinning. Use the actual FPT shown here to calculate the feed in IPM (inches per minute).
** MOD, Undersized Cutters or Metric.
** DAPRA recommends a maximum 1° ramp angle on these inserts.

Click here for speed recommendations by material.

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