Ball Nose, Back Draft, Flat Bottom and High-Feed Insert Grades & Selection Guide

Ball Nose Insert Grade Descriptions
(Base Grade)
with Coating Description Specifications
F1   Micro-grain tungsten carbide with high edge strength and good toughness. Good for machining steels, stainless steels, high-temperature alloys, cast iron and nonferrous materials. (C-2), (K10)
  FPX Titanium carbon nitride (TiCN) is a functional hard coating offering an optimal combination of hardness, toughness and antifriction characteristics. TiCN is recommended for high shock resistance. Excellent titanium grade. 3000 HV, 750°F, .4 Co
FPO High-performance, medium-temperature grade. Optimum performance and wear resistance in most soft steels, soft stainless steels and cast irons. 3200 HV, 1850°F, .4 Co
FPA Aluminum titanium nitride (AlTiN) is recommended when extra hardness and heat resistance are required. AlTiN makes both machining at higher speeds and dry machining possible. 3600 HV, 2000°F, .4 Co
FP-GLH Premium high-temperature grade. Unbeatable performance and wear resistance in high-heat applications such as harder steels, tough stainless steels and high-temperature alloys. 3600 HV, 2000°F, .2 Co
FPD CVD-applied PCD (diamond) coating. Excellent wear resistance in nonmetallic materials such as graphite, epoxy-based resins and plastics. CVD Diamond Coating
PCD Only available in BNR-N and BDR-N inserts. Premium diamond-tipped grade for carbon or light aluminum milling. Use in dedicated holder for the optimum in wear resistance, up to 100 times standard PVD-coated inserts. Brazed-On Diamond Tips

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