TS (AlTiN-based) Inserts for Both Soft and Hard Milling

Our new high-performance TS insert grade offers dramatically improved performance versus our GLH grade.

TS-coated inserts boast the strongest adhesion characteristics of any Dapra grade and feature added elements for extra heat and wear resistance. Chip flow is improved due to inherent process consistency, providing the least friction at the chip-tool interface.

Demo Footage:

Application: Dynamic milling 1018 steel with a helical roughing end mill. Program run with TS-coated inserts. Click here for application details.

TS coated inserts (AlTiN based)

Performance Comparisons:


Example 1: 2-D Profile Milling

  • Material: 4140PH
  • Cutter: 1" diameter end mill
  • Insert type: Parallelogram (APET)
  • Depth of cut: .100"
  • Width of cut: 25-75% (varies)

Example 2: 3-D Finishing

  • Material: P20
  • Cutter: 3/4" ball nose
  • Insert type: BNR-0750-N
    (finishing indexable ball)
  • Stock removal: .015"
  Old Grade (GLH) New Grade (TS)
SFM 700 800
Tool Life 45 min. 60 min.
  Old Grade (GLH) New Grade (TS)
SFM 900 900
Tool Life 4 hours 6 hours

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