RDBN Rough-Duty Ball Nose Inserts for Demanding Light Roughing & Finishing Applications

RDBN is a new, stronger Ball Nose insert that will stand up to more demanding applications –  heavier cuts, long tool overhangs and tougher materials. See these inserts in action here as we heavy 3D rough 1018 steel, semi-finish hardened H13 (50 Rc), and corner round 1018 low-carbon steel.

These inserts are available now!

RDBN inserts fit all of our current Ball Nose cutter bodies –  solid steel (BNEM), carbide core (CC-BNEM) and solid carbide (SC-BNEM). They feature:

  • A tougher carbide substrate for added chipping resistance
  • Stronger ground cutting edges for extra strength and durability
  • Helical geometry for reduced cutting forces

These inserts are available in two new coatings: TS for general-purpose machining in steels, irons, and stainless steels; and HM for hardened steels and high-temperature materials.

RDBN Ball Nose Inserts
Part # D Ø
Thickness Hole
RDBN-0500 .500" 0.098" 0.197" 57000 57003 57001
RDBN-0625 .625" 0.118" 0.197" 57020 57023 57021
RDBN-0750 .750" 0.118" 0.197" 57040 57043 57041
RDBN-1000 1.000" 0.157" 0.237" 57060 57063 57061

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RDBN rough-duty Ball Nose inserts for demanding light roughing and finishing applications