Double-Sided Square Shoulder Delivers Premium Performance and Maximum Value

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DSS Introductory Promo Savings

Providing premium performance, free cutter replacement and cost-per-corner savings of up to 48%, Dapra's new EDGE2 DSS double-sided square shoulder line will revolutionize the way your shop approaches 90° milling. In this demo, you'll see:

Profile Milling 4140PH Material
700 SFM / .008" FPT / .100" DOC

Profile Milling 1018 Open Contour & Ramp Milling 1018 Pocket
1200 SFM / .010" FPT / .100" DOC

Face Milling 304 Stainless Steel
550 SFM / .007" FPT / .200" DOC

DSS is the evolution of our Square Shoulder line. Double-sided DSS inserts offer four usable edges –┬ádouble that of our current APET and XPET inserts. We are the only company in the industry to offer a permanent automatic cutter replacement program for this premium indexable milling line, allowing you to keep good-condition tools in use rather than making due with worn-out cutters. Click here for details.

Try these American-made tools risk-free through our Guaranteed Test Order program and receive a free Mini Maglite or camo hat. Click here for details.

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EDGE2 double-sided Square Shoulder (DSS)