Double-Sided Square Shoulder Delivers Premium Performance and Maximum Value

Our new EDGE2 DSS double-sided Square Shoulder line delivers the best indexable milling value in the industry. Experience premium 90-degree milling performance, reduce your cost per edge and do away with worn-out cutters thanks to our unique cutter replacement program.

See them in action here as we perform 3D roughing and profile and ramp milling in a variety of materials:

DSS tools and inserts will be available soon. Please fill out the form below to be notified when we begin taking orders!

DSS is the evolution of our Square Shoulder line. Double-sided DSS inserts offer four usable edges – double that of our current APET and XPET inserts. We are the only company in the industry to offer a permanent automatic cutter replacement program for this premium indexable milling line, allowing you to keep good-condition tools in use rather than making due with worn-out cutters. Details regarding how many inserts need to be ordered to receive free or 1/2-price cutters will be available soon.

Try these American-made tools risk-free through our Guaranteed Test Order program and receive a free Mini Maglite or camo hat. Click here for details.

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EDGE2 double-sided Square Shoulder (DSS)