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DAPRA Technical Training Department

Classes offered:

Way Scraping:

  1. Basic Class: Instruction in The Lost Art of Hand Scraping and Scraping With the New Advanced BIAX Scrapers, to 20 points per inch on cast iron. Included: moon flaking, basic leveling and alignment, Turcite* application and scraping, tapered gib testing and scraping, etc.
    Class Specifications – Size: 1 to 8 Students. 40 hours.
  2. Advanced Class: After completion of the Basic Class, we step up to teach long-lost secrets of the trade of machine building / rebuilding: Advanced leveling and alignment, Installation of Turcite* or linear guide ways, ball or lead screw alignment, squareness and parallelism of all Axes on Machine Tools, advanced scraping on machine tools, surface plates, steam and vacuum fits, lubrication, oil groove design, storage and of parts, bearing installation, etc. Class Specifications – Size: 1 to 8 Students. 40 to 80 hours.

The instructor of these classes is Richard King, a Master Scraper and Machine Builder who has taught over 7500 students around the world over the past 30 years using Dapra Cutting Tools.

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