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SSPM Series 90° Production Milling Tools

Outstanding 90° performance for a full range of production milling applications.

  • Square SXEH inserts provide an excellent combination of 90° performance and economy for a full range of production milling applications
  • Reinforced insert corners for high feed rates
  • Positive cutting geometry for smooth cutting action
  • Fine pitch for aggressive metal removal and excellent surface finishes
  • 3 carbide substrates (toughest, medium and hardest) for easy grade selection
  • 2" and 3" tool diameters

Use Dapra's SSPM Series Production Milling Tools for:

  • Face Milling
  • Profiling
  • Slotting
  • Step Milling
  • Plunge Roughing
  • Helical Interpolation of Cored Holes
SSPM series 90-degree production milling tools

Note: SXEH inserts also fit Dapra Toroid 1/2" IC (R4) shell mills and end mills over 1.00" diameter.